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Do cats ever mingle with other cats or other cat families?

Never. Each cat (or family of cats) has his/her (or their) own room. Doors to rooms are solid on the bottom (with screens on the top half for us to observe the occupants).

Can I bring my kitty's cat scratcher or carpeted condo?

Of course. Rooms are large enough to accommodate most such familiar objects and your kitty may feel more at home with them.

I have an outdoor cat. Will he/she adjust to using a litter box in the room?

Cats generally get used to this immediately and know what to do.

What food do you provide for our cats?

We keep dry food on hand, but because many cats have very sensitive digestive systems, we encourage everyone to bring enough of their own cat's canned food and dry food for the duration of their stay, to avoid digestive upsets.

Can I choose the room I like when I enter my kitty's reservation?

Rooms are substantially the same, but you can choose any room that is available when you bring your kitty in. Returning kitties can request a room they had, but we cannot guarantee it.

Why is everything done by appointment at Cats Cradle?

Donna wants to focus on you and your cat and give you her undivided attention while you are checking in or out. She has to get important information from you about your cat so that we can give him/her the best possible care and attention, and, we want you to feel comfortable leaving them with us. (We know that's hard.) It would be too stressful to have 2 clients (who might be in a hurry to leave town) arrive at the same time, so, we make appointments for check-ins and check-outs, and for visits to the Cats Cradle, to give you and your cat our complete attention and so that Donna could be here to answer all your questions.


Do you have age limits on accepting cats?

          We cannot give the constant attention needed to kitties under 5 months of age and hence do not accept kitties under 5 months. 

          There is no maximum age limit for acceptance of a relatively healthy cat.